Basiclly, this is an area for videos on how to do x tactic such as horn, perma stunning/flinching etc.
Credit goes to video authors for their videos, etc.

Videos and descriptionEdit

2 hammer 1 BG 1 damage dealer/hh for volganos:
Basiclly one gunner (with status effect up etc. for best effect) pars while it's under KO and at start, and does whatever else (combining, poison, w/e) while it's para'd. The hammerers just triple stomp it the whole time, for best effect, two triple stomps during para and two side-swing+triple stomps during KO. After you do these combos you just want to wait until its head is back on the ground from KO or para, maybe start swinging a little before.

Under here is pretty much flute glitching mainly meant for SP elder dragons to get it done fast when you need to farm 40 of them for a single weapon.

Espinas flute glitch:
3 damage dealers (just GS for charging head works well), 1 HH with divine whim and horn skill playing. After waking up espinas and putting it in rage, leave the area. The horn player stands on edge and plays horns from PVP vendor to provoke espinas at 45:45 or 45:30, after 45:00 and it drops out of rage it's glitched


Kirin flute glitch:
Roughtly the same as espinas, but with gunners and pellets. Also Kirin seems more likely to get out of the bug.


Teo flute glitch:
look, more flutes