EVENT EXPIRED - (Confirmed via n00bs guild forums) Edit

Stamp Code Rules Edit


The EX Event Tent

  • It is vital that you make sure you have room in your storage before trying any of these codes!
  • Also, you only get 5 attempts when entering the codes. If you get it wrong, you must wait about a day to try again. So be careful!

Free Ioprey Armor Edit

  • Enter a channel to begin and head north over the bridge then head east to get to the EX Event tent.
  • Pick the first choice as shown in the picture.
  • Talk to the NPC (pick the first option) and jut keep hitting enter till you reach the code entry page.
  • Type in GETEOSSETEVENT (caps not necessary).

    Option Translations

  • Done! The armor will appear in your storage box.

Free 10k - 30k Cash Voucher Edit

  • Head back to the tent, but this time pick the second option as shown.
Code Entry

Code Entry Page

  • Get to the code entry page and enter LT01LUCKYPORTA
  • Done, the ticket will appear in your storage.
  • Depending on your luck, you w


    ill get anywhere between 10k to 30K when you sell it to an NPC~