For those who are new to our group of Hunters here is a small FAQ for you:

Q: Do you guys know Korean?

A: Actually we don't. Most of the time compare whats similar to the US versions of Monster Hunter and use that to base most of our information.

Q: Will there be an English Patch or the likes?

A: No, because of Game Guard being used we can't edit local files in order to do that without doing something like a private server or the likes.

Q: I don't have enough Materials for an item I want to make. What do I do?

A: Well thats simple. At least with every run that you do, try to gather stuff that you will need (For example: Mining for Ore. Or use a bugnet once in a while). Try to make a small habit to mine at least once every mission when you have time.

Q: I'm stuck on level 10! How can I level up again?

A: Check the Urgent Missions page.

Q: I get a Game Guard 124 error what should I do?

A: First of all to save a lot of trouble since recently MHF had an update and patching would be a nightmare. Just do the following:

  1. Delete your Game Guard folder which can be found at. X:\HanPurple\Capcom\Monster Hunter Frontier Online\GameGuard (X being the drive letter you installed MHF on)
  2. Download a copy of the correct "GameGuard.des" file. Which can be found. here
  3. Extract the file to X:\HanPurple\Capcom\Monster Hunter Frontier Online\
  4. Log in and start up MHF to let it re-download the game guard files.

For more questions that should be added please use the discussion page.