Leaving the newbie GuildEdit

Note: before you join the guild you must not be in a guild, by default you are in some random newbie guild with korean and a number.  This guide shows you how:

Or simply just follow this image by Yukiiko.

Note2: You must quit and join the new guild before ranking up at all or you will have to wait 10 days after quitting to join.

Joining the GuildEdit

Low HR members who have not logged for a long period of time will be booted to make room for other people.

All new members MUST message REDALiCE in game or Revolution` in IRC BEFORE applying for the guild. Edit

You must show that you can speak English!Edit

You Will Not be accepted otherwise.

It doesn't help if you try to be a smart ass and use korean as I may think you are an actual korean and decline your guild request. There is a guide somewhere on this wiki on how to send in game mail.

To join the guild, go to the registrar and select the first option then the 3rd option.

You will be presented with a text prompt. Write "Highlanders" and confirm.

Join 1

Some more pages with guild info etc. Just confirm confirm confirm and your application will be sent.

When you're done, you have to wait for the guild leader to accept you into the guild.

Join 2

Select the center option:

Note that if it's grayed out and you can't select it:

1) You're still in the auto beginner guild. (read above)

2) You're in guild cooldown. (There is a one week cooldown if you leave a guild after HR10)

3) The guild is full. (Talk to REDALiCE in game or Revolution` in IRC)

Join 3(2)

Afterwards, you should see one of these two prompts. The top one means you did good and need to wait on the guild leader, the bottom one likely means whoever referred you is dumb and did not consider telling you about this sooner (you're on the guild-quit cooldown):


Donating RPEdit

To donate RP, go to the guild registrar and select option 4.

Donating 1

After that you will be presented by this screen. Use the arrow keys to select the amount of RP you wish to donate and confirm.

Donating 2

You will be prompted to confirm your donation...

Donating 3

... and one more time for good measure. Confirm both and your delicious RP will be recieved by the guild.

Donating 4

For posterity, these are the benefits you we get for donating RP to the guild:

Guild Level Points Required Maximum Capacity Benefits
0 0 30 Guild Chat
1 3500 30 Eligibility for Hunter Festival Registration
2 6000 30 Basic Guild Hall
3 8500 40 Guild Felyne Shop
4 11000 40 Guild Quests
5 13500 40 Guild Pugi
6 16000 40 Guild Pugi Outfits
7 20000 50 Guild Hall Upgrade
8 24000 50 Additional Pugi Outfits
9 28000 50 Additional Pugi Outfits
10 33000 60 Guild Hall Upgrade
11 38000 60 Pugi #2
12 43000 60 Pugi #3