English Name: Gypceros
Korean Name: 게료스
Japanese Name: ゲリョス
Type of Monster: Bird-Wyvern
Special Attacks: Play Dead, Spit Poison, Tailspin, THEFT.
Elements & Status Effects
Element: None
Status Effects
Stun, Poison
Breakable(s): Head
Weakest to: Fire
Death Sign:
Habitats: Swamp
Time of day: All
When you fight a Gypceros, keep in mind that he has four nasty tricks up his rubbery sleeve. First, his whole body is made of rubber, so you can't capture him with a lightning trap. Second, his tail extends when he do the tail spin, so keep your distance if you expect that move. Thirdly, when the Gyp plays dead, get out of the way. It will try to surprise you by thrashing around like crazy and it WILL kill you unless you have high level equipment with a great deal of defense. Note that his poison is very potent and you should always be prepared with antidotes.

He will steal your stuff! Unless you can afford and want to risk losing expensive items, only bring what you need to hunt him. If he steal one of your items (by pecking on you) you can't get it back.