Genprey are a Raptor species that inhabit Swamps and Deserts. They possess a colorful yellow and green hide and a yellow crest. Like all the carnivorous preys, these hunters travel in packs. Genprey are the second strongest of the prey subspecies. They are very similar to Velocipreys and Iopreys, having basically the same moves, but of course with paralysis abilities.

Their fangs contain a paralysis inducing neurotoxin, and can be combined with a Trap Tool to create a Shock Trap. By living in the harsh terrain of the deserts, evolution has made them tougher than the Velociprey. They are also more accurate in attacks, and can inflict more damage.

They may pose a large problem in High Rank or G Lvl quests, since their paralysis can leave you defenseless for quite some time.

Sometimes when killed in mid-air or by specific attacks they, like all '-prey', may be divided into multiple pieces leaving nothing to carve.

English Name: Genprey
Korean Name: 게네포스
Japanese Name: ゲネポス
Type of Monster: Raptor
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