Gemming in monster hunter is a skill most hunters will want to invest in. Having that Dragon Wind Breaker skill could potentially stop you getting your ass handed to you by an elder dragon.

Accessing Gem FunctionsEdit

Gem functions are all located at the blacksmith, simply access the gem section of the main blacksmith menu.


Using The Gem MenuEdit


The gem menu has 4 different options on it:

Make gemsEdit

Making gems works in much the same way one would make armour or weapons, you simply select any gem you have the materials for and craft it. Pressing Z will allow you to check the descriptions of what skills it adds points to, which class can use it (Blademasters (검사) / Gunners (건너)) and how many slots it needs (e.g. 1 Slot is listed as 필요 슬릇: 1 )

Insert gemsEdit

Inserting gems is pretty much the same as equipping a weapon or armour. You find the piece of equipment that you want to gem (assuming it has gem slots) and then choose one of the gems you have crafted to insert in it.

Destroy gemsEdit

Destroying gems is one of the methods for clearing a gem slot. It simply destroys the gem in a piece of equipment of your choosing.

Remove gemsEdit

Removing gems is the other method for clearing a game slot. It will actually recover the gem for you allowing it to be used in another piece of equipment.

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