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Bow shots

The bow, unlike the light and heavy bowguns, does not rely on ammunition to get the job done. While not as powerful in pure raw as a bowgun, it's much more mobile and can get some pretty decent elemental damage.

When choosing a bow that suits you, keep in mind that each bow has up to three types of shots on different "Charge" levels, as well as the ability to use one to four coatings to enhance your abilities. Page 3 will show you which shots the bow can use, and Page 4 will tell you which coatings it can use. The example on the right can fire Scatter shot level 1 and level 3, as well as pierce level 2 without any skills. Charge 4 can only be accessed with the Load Up skill. If you are not sure which coatings your bow can use, just match the names on Page 4 with the items at the shop, they are the same.

Shots come in three varieties. Pierce, Rapid, and Scatter. Pierce is how it sounds, it pierces the enemy and can hit multiple times, the bigger they are the better. The higher the shot level the more times it can hit, best at long range. Rapid shoots multiple arrows at once in a vertical pattern, the higher the level of the shot the more arrows are shot, best at mid range. Scatter shoots multiple arrows horizontally, higher levels shoot more arrows or do more damage. Best at close range much like a shotgun.

Charge level damage modifier;

Charge 1: 0.4x

Charge 2: 1x

Charge 3: 1.5x

Charge 4: 1.5x

Bows 3

Available coatings

Like changing ammunition in a bowgun, you can change the coatings by opening the item menu, only the coatings you're able to use will be on the list.

Once applied correctly an icon under your stamina bar will tell you how many coatings you have left.

Your role as bow in a normal hunting group is either breaking areas on an enemy that aren't reachable in melee, causing steady damage to enemies that like to fly or run around, and status effects through your coatings. Or just enjoying a pretty fun weapon. It's really up to you how you play.
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